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Firaaq is an Urdu word that means both separation and quest. The film is work of fiction, based on a thousand stories. The story is set over a 24-hour period, one month after a campaign that took place in Gujarat, India, in 2002. It traces the emotional journey of ordinary people. Some who were victims, some perpetrators and some who choose to watch silently. As an ensemble film, it follows multiple narratives that are at some times interconnected and at times discreet, yet all are united by their spatial and emotional context. A middle class housewife closes the door on a woman desperately seeking refuge and then strugglers to overcome her guilt. The loyalty of who best friends is challenged in times rife with fear and suspicion. A group of victimized young men seek revenge as a way out of their helplessness and anger. A modern day Hindu-Muslim couple struggle between the survival instinct to hide their true identities and the desire to assert them. A boy having lost most of his family in the riots wanders through the streets searching for his missing father. A saintly musician clings on to his idealism until an evidence of civil strife shakes his faith. Through these characters we trace the ways in which violence impacts both inner and outer lives. Violence spares nobody. Yet in the midst of this this madness, some find it in their hearts to sing hopeful songs for better times.

Parzania is the breathtaking untold story of one family and a community's loss, during an act of communal violence that stunned the world and changed a country forever. Cyrus and his family are Parsi, followers of a rarely practiced religion that is both small in numbers and neutral to religious politics. They are middle class and live happily in a housing development, which is mostly Muslim. He has a beautiful wife named Shernaz. Strong and practical a times, only her inner strength keeps the family going. Parzan is their imaginative 10 Year old boy and Disshad their adorable daughter. Parzaia is the imaginary perfect world created by Parzan. where the buildings are made of chocolate. the mountains of ice cream and all you do is play cricket all day. It is a world that only he and his seven year old title Sister Dilshad can truly understand. One morning, the beauty and peace that is India, is rocked beyond measure, as a fire erupts in a train killing 58 Hindus. Within 24 hours. 100,000 Hindu storm into Ahmedabad. While Cyrus fights for his own sanity and searches for his child, Allan battles to uncover the truth behind the riots and any possible meaning to the insanity he has witnessed. People start to question the explanations they are given and a human rights commission is formed but will the truth come out and does any of it matter to a distraught family who just wants to find their little boy? Parzania is inspired from true story.

Shoot on Sight
Tariq Ali, a Muslim police officer of Scotland Yard, is asked to hunt-down suspected suicide-bombers against the backdrop of July 7 bombings in London. Tariq's task gets complicated as an innocent Muslim is killed by the commando shooters of Scotland Yard. On the other hand, Tariq - a British citizen is himself a suspect in the eyes of his boss, despite his long service in the Scotland Yard.

Maqbool is a story of passion, power, selection, brooding crime and ever berating self-punishment. The tale reveals the politics of lust and passion as Mian Maqbool, the mafia gang's lieutenant and right hand man of the don Abhai, falls in love with the don's and saga of massacre unfolds. Abetted by the mistress Nimmi, who also loves Mian and goods him to take his godfather's place in the hierarchy of the gang and her bed, Mian plots and plans to usurp Abbaji's power and fiefdom. Maqbool is torn between his loyalty for his mentor and his love for Nimmi. With further aid from the two cops Purohit, who also provide comic relief to the dark tale, Maqbool unleashes a mayhem of crime and gore, shaking the very roots of the closely knit mafia family. As circumstances spiral out to control, so does Maqbool's sense of discretion. But does Maqbool, a hard man to the harsh underworld have the gift to fight it anymore? "Maqbool Transports" you to a threshold of pain and redemption hitherto unknown to Hindi cinema.

In the Name of God
After going through a bitter divorce through a Caucasian wife, U.K.-based Hussain Shah now lives in a common-law relationship with another Caucasian woman. Angered that his daughter, Mary, is dating a Caucasian male, Dave, he counsels her to stop seeing him as it is forbidden for women to marry outside Islam. But when Mary persists, he relents and permits her to marry, provided she travels with him to Lahore, Pakistan, to meet his estranged mother and brother, to which she agrees. Once there, Mary is then taken to a remote area in Afghanistan and forced to marry her cousin, Sarmad Khan, a singing artiste, who has turned conservative after being influenced by Moulana Tahiri. Sarmad's brother, Mansoor, re-locates to Chicago, to enroll for music lessons with Professor Lincoln, meets with Caucasian fellow-student, Janie and both fall in love with each other. Than the events of 9-11 will result in Mansoor's arrest by the CIA. He is isolated, humiliated, fed pork, tortured endlessly until.

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