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Spider-Man Trilogy/The Amazing Spider-Man (Hindi)


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If you are a die-hard fan of Spiderman, the Spiderman movie series is a must-watch for you. It includes Spider-man, Spider man-2, Spider Man-3 and The Amazing Spiderman. Bring home the Spiderman movie box set to experience the heroic deeds of the Spiderman.

The story opens to a school field trip, where a modified spider bites Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and he wakes up with amazing powers. It is about how he uses his skills to rid the city from the clutches of evil; how he fights the Green Goblin (Defoe); and his soft corner for Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst).

Spider Man-2
Peter's life begins to fall apart as Mary got engaged to someone else and he was unable to keep his jobs. The Daily Bugle newspaper claimed that Spiderman is actually a criminal with evil intentions. Watch the movie in the Spiderman Triology DVD to know if he could prove them wrong.

Spider Man-3
Peter finds a balance while juggling his love life and his role as Spiderman. But other challenges come. Harry Osbourne, an old friend, takes up the cloak of his father and becomes The New Goblin. Peter also has the responsibility to get hold of his Uncle Ben's killer Flint Marko. The change in Peter's suit to jet black strengthens his powers but also his dark qualities. Find out whether Peter was able to do away with them by getting the Spiderman Triology DVD.

Amazing Spider-man
In his teenage, Peter wants to know various things about himself. His first crush in high school is Gwen Stacy and both of them are struggling in love. He is also in search for an answer to find why his parents disappeared. This leads him to his father's former partner, Dr. Curt Connors. Find out what happens by buying The Amazing Spider man DVD.

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