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Lage Raho Munna Bhai


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Mumbai's most endearing goon returns to the silver screen in the second instalment of the blockbuster Munna Bhai franchise. Munna is in love with the voice of the popular Radio Jockey Jhanvi. Her effervescent greeting of "Good Morrrrning Mumbai" on her daily radio show makes Munna's heart skip a beat every time he listens to her. Life is beautiful for Munna – his dadagiri business is flourishing, he listens besottedly to the radio for hours every day, he dreams of marrying Jhanvi. There is just one minor problem. Jhanvi thinks Munna is a Professor of History. And in all her innocence, Jhanvi even invites Munna to give a history lecture to her family, comprising her grandfather and his group of old friends, living in their beautiful house called, "The 2nd Innings House". Poor Munna! What should he do? As Munna tries to sort out this minor entanglement in his otherwise perfect life, his trusted sidekick, Circuit, comes up with the perfect solution. And then, the most unusual event occurs in Munna's life. What happens when the Present meets the Past? What happens when our very own Professor of History encounters a figure from History? In an age where Mahatma Gandhi has been reduced to being nothing more than a statue in the park and a face on the currency bills, Munna's comic and dramatic adventures serves to remind people of the real essence of Gandhi. Lage Raho Munna Bhai has been applauded worldwide as a comedy that has helped India rediscover the real Gandhi.

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