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The Ratatouille movie DVD brings you the exciting animated story of Remy, the rat, voiced by Patton Oswalt who has a keen interest in cooking. Released in 2007, Ratatouille also includes Linguini, a garbage boy, voiced by Lou Romano. This story begins with Remy who has highly developed senses of smell and taste. Remy often dreams of one day becoming a cook and is inspired by his idol chef Auguste Gusteau. While on the lookout for food at a woman's house, Remy gets separated from his friends and family after the woman fires shots at them. He eventually ends up at a skylight where he can see Gusteau's restaurant. While looking into the kitchen, he notices Linguini spilling a pot of soup and then unsuccessfully trying to recreate it. Watch Ratatouille on DVD as Remy falls into the kitchen and helps to perfectly cook the soup rather than escaping.

Noticing Remy, Linguini catches him and at the same time encounters Skinner, voiced by Ian Holm, who is the head of Auguste Gusteau's restaurant. While Skinner is shouting at Linguini in the Ratatouille in Hindi DVD, the soup Remy prepares accidentally gets served in the restaurant. The diners trying out the soup find it extremely delicious and it becomes a success. However, everyone assumes that Linguini had prepared the soup. Skinner is convinced by a chef at the restaurant, Colette, voiced by Janeane Garofalo, that Linguini should be retained. Meanwhile, as Remy tries to escape the restaurant, Skinner orders Linguini to kill him. Linguini realizes that Remy is extremely passionate about food and decides to keep him. The Ratatouille Hindi DVD nicely shows the hilarious and growing friendship between Remy and Linguini and how they help each other.

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