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On May 15, 1948 a bank in Bombay is robbed. As the masked robbers are making their escape, they are intercepted by a young man. During the scuffle the young man recognises one of the robbers whom he knew to be the manager of Hotel Continental. However the robbers make good their escape and the badly injured young man is taken to the hospital. The police who are anxious to question him on his regaining consciousness, are taken by surprise when they find the young man cannot remember anything about the Bank robbery. He can remember things upto 14th November, 1947 only, the date on which he as Lt. Ajay Mehra, reached Kashmir to fight the raiders. He further remembers that while saving a girl from the raiders he was hit by a shell and lost consciousness. From thereon, Ajay's memory is a complete blank. On enquires it is revealed that Lt. Ajay Mehra was in fact reported to be killed in action. His cousin Sunder had taken charge of his wealth and property in Bombay and started squandering Ajay's wealth over a cabaret dancer Rita employed in Hotel Continental. Sunder is now informed about Ajay Mehra's safe return and in turn Sidhu also gets this information. Ajay Mehra faces another danger to his life. While the attempt on his life is being made by Sidhu and party, an innocent girl Asha is arrested for an attempt to murder Ajay. The court proceedings against Asha reveal a beautiful love Episode which blossomed during the six months of Ajay Mehra's amnesia condition. Asha through her narration, takes the court to the beautiful valley of Kashmir where Kabailis interrupted the ceremony of her marriage and Ajay Mehra saved her from the bestiy Kabailis. From that day a beautiful take of youthful romance begins till the villains of that Episode succeed in getting Ajay arrested as an enemy's spy and Ajay succeeds in breaking the jail and reaching Bombay in search of his lost identity where he encounters the bank robbers.

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