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Ganga, Jamuna and Sarswati, three sacred rivers of India, meet at Allahabad and this meeting place is known as Sangam. Our Sangam is the meeting place of three souls, three loving hearts. Sunder, Gopal and Radha are three friends since child age, they used to make doll houses when they were tiny and then Sunder used to offer his home to Radha who refused to accept it since she liked Gopal better. Gopal also loves Radha but he keeps his feelings well covered. Sunder who does not know that Gopal also is in love with Radha asks Gopal to talk to Radhas parents on his behalf and arrange the match of Sunder and Radha. Gopal, for the sake of his friend, goes with the proposal which is turned down by Radha's parents because of Sunders unsteady and unstable life. Sunder joins Air Force and after his training is sent to the battle front. Sunder has no idea that Radha loves Gopal and Gopal loves Radha and happy that his Radha will await his return, he goes to the war front. Gopal knows how Radha feels but to keep Sunders heart, he gets a letter written to Sunder by a girl friend under the name of Radha. Sunder is happy at the front but as luck will have it, his plane is shot down by the enemy and he is reported missing. After a lapse of time, Gopal gets the news of the air crash and the death of his friend. It is a sad moment in Gopal and Radhas life, they have lost a dear friend but since death never stops the life, once again the life of Gopal and Radha come to normality. And this time Gopal went to Radha's parents to ask for Radha in marriage and get the blessing of their parents and await the happy day when they will be united for ever. Suddenly Sunder comes back to claim his Radha, he had miraculously escaped death but could not reach the authorities in time to stop the news of his death. Sunder comes back to his friend, Gopal will not hurt his trusting friends and Radha will not sacrifice her love and happiness for his sincerity towards his friend.

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