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Released in 2013, All Is Lost is a film about the survival of a man who is stranded at sea. The movie is written and directed by J C Chandor and features Robert Redford as the protagonist. The movie is deprived of dialogue altogether and does not star anyone other than Redford. The second feature filmby Chandor, All Is Lost was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

Challenging an individual's very corporeality, the movie speaks of an ingenious sailor's attempts at getting himself out of a shipwrecked situation. The mishap occurs when the man's yacht collides with a shipping container floating in the middle of the high sea. Set in the deepest part of the Indian Ocean, the movie entails the man's solo voyage which takes an unfortunate turn when his 39-foot yacht takes on water. With no working equipment left, he is left without tools to navigate or radio for help and sails away blindly. He ends up right in the middle of an unforgiving storm and his life is in ultimate jeopardy. He manages to patch the breached hull of his boat and survives the storm with the help of his intuition and mariner's sturdiness.

Equipped with nothing but some nautical maps and a sextant to make it through, the sailor banks on the currents in the ocean to take him to a shipping lane so that he can hail a vessel when it passes him. Matters get worse as the sun starts to set, sharks start to come out and his supplies start to diminish. The movie opens with the man waking up to the nightmare of his boat fast filling with water. Apart from a gaping hole on his boat's side, he is also faced with damages to the boat's electrical and communication systems. J.C. Chandor's movie is a tantalizing account of the hopefulness and courage that the sailor exhibits in his quest to get rescued.

All Is Lost by J C Chandor was released in 2014 and is rated U/A.

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