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Batman 2: The Dark Knight (Hindi)


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‘The Dark Knight' (2008) is undoubtedly one of the most popular films worldwide under the genre of crime fiction. It is a sequel of the film titled ‘Batman Begins' (2005) directed by the legendary British- American film director Christopher Nolan. The film is a reception of the DC Comic series about the Superhero Batman, created by the artist Bob Kane and written by Bill Finger. ‘The Dark Knight' is a continuation of the Superhero Batman's mission against crime lead by ‘The Joker' in the fictitious city of Gotham. The music of the film is directed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. The role of Batman, the protagonist, is played by Christiane Bale. Sir Michael Caine has played the character of Alfred Pennyworth, the loyal trainer of Bruce Wayne (Batman). The most significant element of the film is the role of ‘The Joker'. It is played by the remarkable actor Heath Ledger. The film is produced by the ‘Warner Bros. Entertainment', in association with the ‘Legendary Pictures', ‘Syncopy' & ‘DC Comics'.


The story begins with a terrific bank robbery in the Gotham city by a band of robbers lead by the blatant criminal named The Joker. He schemes a series of massive destructions to strike panic among the citizens with the use of the entire robbed money. The story gradually unfolds the joint mission of Batman and the newly elected district attorney Harvey Dent against the brutal crimes of The Joker.

Batman2: The Dark Knight is rated as ‘U/A' by the censorship board which affirms that children can watch the film under parental care. The product, is available in a long-lasting DVD Format and has is dubbed in Hindi. Buy Batman 2 Hindi DVD to experience all the thrill.

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