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Self-help is the best help, no doubt. But to the people living in a remote village in Rajasthan it is meaningless. For years the poor, unarmed people were constantly living in terror of Dacoits they raided and looted their village, harassed and punished them and occassionally molested their innocent girls. Police tried their best to bring the dacoits to book, but without the active help of the villagers they could not succeed in their mission. People refused to co-operate with them, because they believed that police protection is temporary. And they just went on enduring their own miseries, blaming and cursing their own fath! In such a village, one day walked in Ajit, a city-bred young man, a typical product of an orphanage, slums and jail-life has hardened him, but at the same time, it has made him too self-centered and almost immune to the suffering of others. He shows neither concern, nor sympathy for the villager for taking everything lying low. He openly ridicules them for their cowardice and makes fun of their miseries. He is not interested in any one of them, not even in the man who had given him shelter and promised to adopt him as his own son. He tries to remain aloof from everybody. But the warmth and hospitality of the innocent villagers starts pulling him out of the shell the has tired to create around himself. Slowly and slowly the human being him starts emerging out and he starts taking a liking for a number of people. But as the luck would have it, whomsoever he takes a liking to, eventually falls a victim of the heartless Dacoits. And ultimately before he could realise what he is doing, he finds himself standing face to face Dacoits. When it came to make a choice between violence and cowardice, he had always turned to violence. Such a man was ultimately destined to stand against most notorious Dacoits, who fought with modern weapons, who had hoodwinked the Police for years and who had established a reign of terror over a vast territory of Rajasthan.

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