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Radha belongs to a poor farmer's family. She gets married to Shyamu, also a farmer and both begin their lives in harmony. Shyamu's mother borrows money from a local money-lender named Sukhilal and agrees to provide him with three-fourths of the farm produce in lieu of money, to which Sukhilal agrees and asks her to sign a document to this effect, which she does so, not knowing that she is signing away her farm produce and her mortgage of her property. Unable to bear this unpleasantness, Shyamu disappears, leaving Radha alone to bring up two sons, Ramu and Birju. While Ramu is dependable and devoted to his mother, Birju is arrogant and crass. Birju is against Sukhilal and would like him to turn the family's land over to them, but Sukhilal will not do so. Birju attacks Sukhilal and as a result, is excommunicated from his village and turns into a bandit, bent on vengeance against the deceptive Sukhilal, much to the sorrow and dismay of his mother and brother. While Radha is hopeful that her love will make Birju mend his ways, Birju, on the other hand, is planning something quite the opposite.

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