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Queen (2014), directed by Vikas Bahl, starring Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao in the the lead roles, is the story of a naive Delhi-based young girl named Rani. The movie emerged as a great commercial success and the most profitable movie of the year 2014. Queen was titled as one among the top four highest grossing Bollywood movies of 2014.

Rani has always been protected by her family and accompanied by her younger brother every time she steps out of the house. Vikas Bahl's movie Queen starts with the marriage arrangements of Rani with Vijay, who refuses to marry her just two days before their wedding-date. Traumatised, Rani takes a tough decision to lead her life on her own and announces her decision to go to the pre-booked honeymoon tour to Paris and Amsterdam, all alone. Never been out of her house alone in her life before, Rani immediately gets into troubles with police and robbers, soon after which she plans to return to India. There, she meets Vijayalakshmi in Paris, who helps her come out of the problems and also takes her to various beautiful places in the city. They soon become good friends.

Vijayalakshmi helps Rani gain confidence and reveal the beautiful side of living. Enjoying the new adventures in Paris, Rani gets her first revealing outfit on, which by mistake she sends to her ex-fiancé Vijay. After seeing this change in Rani, Vijay starts searching for her.

Queen by Vikas Bahl is about Rani's exploration of new facets of life, new city and scenic beauty of Paris with a new friend, which takes her next to Amsterdam, where she gets the shock of sharing her room with three men. Staying with them, this traditional girl Rani realises how people could be different. With so much new things learnt and experienced, Rani again comes across Vijay, who now finds Rani in a better lifestyle and wishes to marry her again, which Rani has to now decide. The philosophical angles of human lives have been presented with fun and humour sprinkled in Vikas Bahl's film throughout.

Queen was released in 2014 by Shemaroo in Video CD format, with U/A rating. It has a run time of 147 minutes.

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