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aksh Mittal comes from a wealthy family, he has plenty of money, and not a care in this world. He drinks alcohol, womanizes to his heart's content, and comes home in the dead of night, transported by his butler, John. Then the next day he runs into a beautiful girl, and he kisses her in broad daylight, and as a result is severely beaten up by passerbys, and then arrested by the police. Daksh's dad wants him to marry Anahita Madhwani, who is the daughter of his business associate, Devendra. Daksh is reluctant, but when threatened to be cut off from wealth, he agrees to this marriage. He confides in his grandmother about this marriage, and her advise is to get married to Ms. Madhwani, and then continue to have an affair with this girl that he met. It is now upto Daksh to decide if he wants to stay wealthy, or lose everything and gain the true love in his life.

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