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Akbar and Birbal are two names in Indian children's literature who are famous for their unconditional friendship. Akbar was one of the most remarkable kings of the Mughal Empire, known especially for his ruling style and noble deeds. Birbal was his efficient administrator and a valiant soldier who always gave Akbar sage advice. For his courageous deeds and exceptional intellect, he was given a place among Akbar's eminent courtiers known as the ‘nine gems'.

To retell the tales of this historical duo in a new way, director Salma Sultan came up with her famous TV series Akbar Birbal. Compiling the episodes of that famous TV series, Eagle Home Entertainment has released a DVD set of four discs.

The story of this series begins from the early days of Birbal's life. Birbal came from a poor Brahmin family based in Tikawanpur, near the banks of River Yamuna. Though of humble origins his intelligence and sharp wit set him apart from others and he soon found favour at Akbar's court. Birbal soon become a close friend of the King as well and he is even rumoured to have embraced Din-i-Ilahi, a religion propagated by Akbar.

Actors like Mohan Mahshi, Vikram Gokhle and Amzad Khan have portrayed the lead roles. Though it is a Hindi TV series, English subtitles have been added to ensure that a larger audience is able to enjoy the fascinating tales of two very popular characters in history. So, if you have never had the opportunity to see this series before, here is your chance.

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