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Party is a Bollywood drama, directed by Govind Nihalani, and stars some of the prominent names of parallel cinema, like Vijaya Mehta, Rohini Hattangadi, and Manohar Singh. The movie is based on Mahesh Elkunchwar’s play of the same name. Vijaya Mehta won the Best Actress Award at the 1985 Asia-Pacific Film Festival, while Rohini Hattangadi won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress. The movie was the official Indian entry to the 32nd International Film Festival of India.

The story starts with Diwakar Barve (Manohar Singh), a celebrated playwright, winning the prestigious National Literary Award that is bestowed upon him by the government. In his honour, Damyati Rane (Vijaya Mehta), a rich, middle-aged widow and an art lover, decides to host a party, to which all the known celebrities and famous personalities are invited. As any proper tinsel town party would have it, there is gossip, appreciation, and criticism. Gradually, the conversations turn towards the real hero who is missing in action, Amrit, who, as per the opinions of most of the people at the party, is the actual worthy contender of this award. Amrit is an immensely talented and promising writer and poet, who didn’t want to struggle with keeping up with the dirty politics of the industry, and decided to leave. He now helps poor tribesmen in their struggle against exploitation. As they all await Amrit’s entry, they are least aware of how the rest of the evening will proceed.

Party was released in 2012 by NFDC and is rated U. The movie is available in Hindi with English subtitles.

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