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The film is set in 326 B. C. When Alexander the Great aka Sikandar (Prithviraj Kapoor) having conquered Persia and the Kabul valley descends to the Indian border at Jhelum. King Porus (Sohrab Modi) stops the advance with his troops. sikandar ignores his teacher Aristotle's advice and falls for a Persian woman Rukhsana (Vanamala). Fearing for Sikandar's life she extracts a promise from Porus that he will not harm Sikandar. In the battle with the Macedonian army , Porus loses his son and he is defeated by Sikandar and imprisoned. An elaborat verbal duel follows in court when Porus is brought before Sikandar. He asked Porus how would he like to be treated. Porus retorts that he should be treated in the way one defeated king is treated by the winner by killing him. Impressed by Poru's valour, Sikandar lets Porus go and withdraws from Jhelum.

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