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Haqeeqat is a Bollywood war film directed by Chetan Anand, and starring Dharmendra as Captain Bahadur Singh and Priya Rajvansh as Angmo. The movie was based on the Sino-Indian war of 1962. The movie won a National Film Award in 1965 for Second Best Feature Film, and also the Filmfare Award for Best Art Direction.

Featured against the backdrop of the 1962 Sino-Indian war, the movie’s main plot shows a small platoon of Indian soldiers in the hilly regions of Ladakh. As per the forces and the government, the platoon members are dead since they couldn’t be found. It is unknown that those soldiers were rescued by a few Ladakhi tribesmen and Captain Bahadur Singh. After the Chinese surrounds them, the platoon is asked to evacuate their post. Captain Bahadur Singh and his girlfriend, Angmo, struggle hard to hold the Chinese soldiers at bay in order to help their comrades escape the post and reach a safe zone. Watch this Chetan Anand film to find out whether this small group of Indian soldiers are able to face the massive Chinese army or if they succumb to the onslaught.

Haqeeqat was released by Moserbaer in DVD format. It is rated U, and is in Hindi with English subtitles.

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