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Shibu lives with his uncle, aunt and sister Rani in a small village. While his uncle is indifferent with him, his aunt is very cruel. Mynah, a talking bird is his best friend. One evening his aunt asks him to take a sari to her mother who lives in another village, which is a route through dense forests. As Shibu is crossing the forest, it gets dark and he decides to rest for a while and falls asleep. He wakes up starled by the terrible roar of a ferocious roar of a ferocious tiger who is about to attack him when a huge White elephant emerges and rescues Shibu from certain death. The magnificenet white elephant whom Shibu names "Airawat" becomes his friend. Next morning Shibu safely reaches the other village and hands over the sari to aunt's mother. She gives him some money. Shibu buys some bananas and feeds his new friend "Airawat" who is very pleased and gives him a precious gold coin. Shibu returns home with the coin and tells Rani about his new friend and shows her gold coin. One day the gold coin found by Shibu's aunt and uncle. They very cleverly tracoout the origin of the gold coin to the White Elephant by following Shibu when he returns to the forest to meer Airawat. Meanwhile a Maharaja comes to the village for the hunting. Shibu's uncle and aunt tells the Maharaja about the White Elephant. The Maharaja promises them a handsome reward if they can lead him the White Elephant. The Maharaja learns about Shibu's friendship with Airawat from Shibu;s uncle and decide to set a trap. Next morning, the Maharaja takes Shibu to the forest along with his associates and dozen elephants. He puts a gun to the poor boy's head and calls out for Airawat and threatens that if he does not surrender. Shibu's head will be blown off to the pieces. Airawat surrenders and is taken into captivity by the Maharaja. Shibu becomes desperate to rescue Airawat and asks Mynah to summon all the animals in the forest to declare was against the Maharaja. Elephant, tigers, cobras and other ani

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