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Set in the background of the 5th century B. C. ""Amrapali"" is the legendary love story of Amrapali, the court dancer of the democratic kingdom of Vaishali and Ajathashatru, the warrior king of Magadh, who wanted to conquer Vaishali. It was the time when Gautama, the Buddha walked the Earth preaching his message of love and peace. Ajathashatru, was routed in the battle of Vaishali and running for his life, he took refuge in a Vaishali village, posing as a Vaishali soldier. He was saved and nursed by Amrapali. He fell in love with her, and learnt the healing power of love. When circumstances forced him to take to arms again. Ajathashatru did so with a vengeance. He could save Amrapali, but only at the cost of the total destruction of Vaishali. The Buddha was on his deathbed. From all over people made the pilgrimage to pay their last respects to the sage. Ajathashatru and Amrapali were among them. Ajathashatru renounced violence and peace dawned.

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