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Preet Na Jane Reet


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Ashok, the son of the rich businessman, who has just returned from several years in Europe. He meets up with a neighbour girl named Kavita, sister is already bent on fixing her marriage to Ashok, but Kavita doesn't want to marry a rich guy who lives on "his father's crumbs" - which she also tells Ashok. Ashok, is not about to give up just because the girl doesn't like him. He asks his friend Fernandes for a job as a mechanic in his garage, explaining that he needs to get a new image. Somehow he manages to convince Kavita that he is Mohan the mechanic, not Ashok the rich loafer. They fall in love, although Ashok continues to annoy Kavita as himself too. Kavita is distressed when her sister insists on fixing her marriage to Ashok, and tells her she will only marry Mohan. When his deception is eventually uncovered, Kavita is quite angry. He points out that she's loved him by one name and hated him by another, but that he's the same person beneath the names. Ashok is invited to a school friend's wedding, but soon after his arrival the groom's father is told about a scandal from the bride's past After a huge to-do including suicide threats, tears, chest-beating, etc. Ashok marries the bride, Sheila, to save her and her family from dishonor. Ashok takes Sheila to his old digs at the garage, and they settle in to make a new life. But what about Kavita? What will she do? Can Ashok live in poverty after growing up in great wealth?

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