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Aabra Ka Daabra


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Aabra Ka Daabra Magic...this is where the story begins and where it ends. This is a story about Shanu...Shanu and his magic world. He has seen his father (Rahul) doing unbelievable acts. Shanu is very proud of him and today it is the last act of the show. Shanu is there watching his father with delight. Everyone is standing to watch the deadly act, an act that is a life and death situation for Rahul. Rahul stands near the big box, the big box is opened and Rahul steps in... Shanu comes forward and locks the box. The box is thrown into the sea. Rahul has to unchain himself and come out within 3 minutes. What happens next? Has Rahul failed to perform? Is he dead? Now the journey begins for Shanu. The journey to find out the truth whether his father is dead or alive? To find out the mystical secrets, Shanu joins the school of magic and re-discovers some startling facts of life.

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