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Lakshman Rekha


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Amar (Naseeruddin Shah) idolizes Vicky’s (Jackie Shroff’s) father Retd. Head Constable Kishanlal Sharma (Pran). On the other hand Vicky is passionate for a fast life which leads him into a world of crime. Amar becomes a cop. They inevitably clash, and then part. The underworld boss Birju is out to kill Amar to which Vicky revolts. But it is too late. In an attempt to kill Amar they shoot down Vicky’s father. And while dying he draws a promise from Vicky that he shall follow the path of law.The killers of Kishanlal go scout free. Amar gets disillusioned with the law and takes up to crime. Vicky on the other hand becomes a cop. The friends clash once again. Ultimately justice is done partly at the hands of law and partly through those who have turned lawless.

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