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Sometimes trivial things assume great importance in our lives and turn everything upside down. This is the story of one small piece of mischief that shook the lives of Sapan and Deepak, two close friends. Deepak, a carefree young man, writes a love letter to Seema, a young lady that both friends had met at a club, as if Sapan had written it. The trick backfires. Seema is furious. Deepak soon forgot the incident. But Sapan, with the help of Prof. Chhobe, an expert on love affairs, tries to impress Seema, she plays along with him. When Sapan's father revealed a secret to him on his deathbed, Sapan took it up on himself to set right the wrong his father had committed. But strangely it invites Deepak's wrath. Twists and turns occur, before the mischief of the love letter comes to a close.

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