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Acidic vs Alkaline foods

Posted by Annie B on

Alkaline FoodsThe easiest way to maintain a healthy body is to regularly consume alkaline foods and avoid acidic foods esp after evening tea. Diseases in our body thrive on acidic environment. Here is a list of alkaline foods - Asparagus,Beet,Leeks,Carrot,Cilantro,Okara,Spinach,Sprouts,Garlic,Fennel,Horseradish,Lettuce,Cottage Cheese,Ghee,Goat's Milk,Herb Teas, Green Tea, and Lemon Water,Soy Milk and Soy Cheese,Olive, Flax Seed and Canola Oil,Wild Rice, Quinoa and Millet,Almonds and Chestnuts,Raw Spinach and Lettuce.Here is a list of supplements incase you need to buy any of those to take care of acidity. We wish all our customers, readers happy healthy eating we all love to eat. Always...

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